Amazon S3 Backup

only we can use amazon S3 backup with ??
coz i dont see amazon s3 backup sessions on our panel …

It works from platform.

An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the PutBucketLifecycleConfiguration operation: Access Denied

which setting we need to set in amazon … pls can u help how to set …
i think its for backup Retention Days …


How can restore a backup from Amazon?
Is this from platform and is there any option about that?

Restore is similar, download the file to /home/backup and restore from CyberPanel.

Question about retention. Is that a local retention policy or remote? I was assuming that it was the retention policy for the number of remote backups to keep, however it seems like the backups are accumulating in the /backup folder for each site. I had to shut down the backups as I quickly ran out of space on the server. Can anyone explain what the retention setting does? If it is for the number of remote backups, is there a way to remove the backups after successfully moving them to the remote server similar to how Cpanel handles their backups?

This policy is for the remote side. Backups are supposed to be deleted once they are sent to S3/DO Spaces. If they are not it should be a bug, will check.

I too reported this bug last month via ticket

Thanks. I’ll turn it back on and submit a ticket.

This issue is resolved, you can upgrade.