All the web apps running on Django stopped working!

Hello Everyone,

I posted this on Facebook as well but I guess its not allowed to post there anymore on Facebook group.

All of sudden my all Django based apps stopped working and when I checked Litespeed Panel there is no Context and Web App in all of the Django based web apps.

I tried to update the CyberPanel to latest version as well but of no help.

Kindly confirm if this is concern with other users as well & help.

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Did you find any relevant information in the logs? I dont use/never hosted django apps and hence not aware of this.

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No unfortunately not.
Also one mistake I did is as logs space was consumed in GBs I unfortunately cleared the logs folder as well :roll_eyes:

Will wait for someones response for few days otherwise will need to restore cloud instance backup.

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Hello Guys,

Looks like I made mistake installing another version along side 3.6.8 and because of that the Django sites misconfigured.

This is just a wild guess because I dont have logs now and after creating new VM I guess that might be the reason.

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But even though if someone else have similar situation please let me know I will follow this post.