Alias domain SSL not working

SSL is not working for alias domains, tried with Let’s encrypt and ZeroSSL. Somehow OLS is picking certificate from wrong vhost.

I have roundcube running at and alias domains etc.

It did work fine before but at some point after adding new alias domain it stopped working for that single domain. After steps below it’s not working for any alias domains.

I have tried deleting and readding the main domain, issued cert from CP to main domain, readded alias domains, issued certs from command line with without error. Rebooted server several times. Still not working.

Creating child domain and switching document root gives Error 500.

CP was already version 2.1.1 but ran the upgrade command just in case. Tried also with OLS 1.6.21 and 1.7.14.


File /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf had only the main domain mapped to SSL listener