I was used cyberpanel 1.9. i used it for a long time without any problem and then noticed something was wrong. I could not enter the cyberpanel administration page and I could not run the file.
Cyberpanel needs a way to reset the admin password and adminPass new_password doesn’t work.

I thought the services would be faulty and wanted to restart my server and it didn’t turn on again. I’m not sure about the latest versions, but in 1.9 version the panel is hacked. There were simple corporate sites on my server that I just wrote with Laravel. I was unlikely to be hacked and I want to report a major problem.
edit: I reconnected to my server by talking to the service owners and adding a new key. somehow I will try to move my sites without panels.

and I can’t upgrade.

cyberpanel hacked and like there’s nothing I can do

What makes you think that it is “hacked”?