Admin password and reset password not working

I installed Cyberpanel on GCP.
I generated a password as per the procedure in the ssh panel. … see ssh log…

Last login: Sun Jan 26 17:29:22 2020 from
softsensecorp@softsensetech-cyberpanel-vm:~$ sudo cat /home/ubuntu/.litespeed_password
softsensecorp@softsensetech-cyberpanel-vm:~$ python /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/ – BvmnakV5S3gTA4FJ My
usage: [-h] [–password PASSWORD] error: unrecognized arguments: – BvmnakV5S3gTA4FJ Mycompany@2018

Generated password did not work on admin login
Password reset not working in ssh panel

Please provide solution for connecting to Cyberpanel admin console



same problem,

You are using wrong command just do (better use root to change password)

adminPass newpassword

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I had the same problem, I remembered the password 100% correct. anyways, resetting the password worked. It would’ve been a big problem if I didn’t find this post.

Thanks for the great installation script. Other than this, no other issues.

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