Admin loging to cyberpanel ok but I cannot log into Putty

I can loging to Cyberpanel admin area no problems…however, i cannot log into Putty using either root or admin.

I dont understand how this can be?

What is the problem and how do i fix this?

I am wondering if this is because i have enabled modsecurity?

If you can not log in to your server ssh via your root user (using the root password or key) then you need to ask your provider. CyberPanel does not interfere with your SSH logins unless you have disabled password login and you did not add key, in which case you are now locked out.

You can log in via CyberPanel and add SSH key

Again, if you can’t log in to your SSH, it’s not related to CyberPanel unless you explicitly did something.

Are you sure you are using the right port? Did you change the port?

I had a keypair setup on my system for this server. For some reason, cyberpanel is now refusing the private key???
I havent changed anything…if i am logged into cyberpanel as the original admin account from first install, can i simply delete and create new keys in putty key gen, and then add a new one to cyberpanel?

Ah i found the problem…
Whilst the username for logging into Cyberpanel is admin, if i am using ssh, i have to use root!

When i use the root user, ssh keys work correctly.

I just assumed it was the same username as cyberpanel interface itself (ie “admin”)

Problem solved.