add redis/memcached support in cli script installer too

hey usman,
have tried your cyberpanel enterprise webpanel a few minutes ago
its good but i still prefer the openlitespeed version because i like open source projects^^
what is your focus on your future work?
enterprise or openlitespeed?
can you also add the memcached/redis support to openlitespeed installer?

thank you for all the hard work you put into it
you created a great webpanel!

Both projects will mostly remain side by side, the main difference is OpenLiteSpeed, and LiteSpeed Ent.

yes i saw and thats very good
please go on with that
just change ols and enterprise^^

You can try out 1 Domain (Unlimited sub-domains) license, since its free.

yes i have already done
but the 2gb ram limit is just for small projects and for testing only
10 or 16 usd have to be paid for a “good” license
i have big projects so minimum requirement for me is 8GB ram


IS there any way to install Memcached/Redis/LSMCD object cache with CyberPanel+OpenLiteSpeed?

I saw that you can do that with the CyberPanel+LiteSpeed Enterprise, but not with the CyberPanel+OpenLiteSpeed version. Will it be possible in the future?

Also, how to set up Google PageSpeed on CyberPanel+OpenLiteSpeed / LSCache?


@qtwrk please add the support in initial bash script if possible.