Add new storage cyberpanel

I have 1 storage for cyberpanel insta!lled server which is 15TB.
The problem is, if the 15TB storage is full, and I want to add another 20TB of storage, what should I configure from the cyberpanel side?
simply I want to add 15TB cyberpanel storage with that new 20TB storage… so I want 15TB with 20TB synced or 15TB + 20TB in 1 device so total storage is 35TB

I assume like in the picture below :

You have nothing to do with cyberpanel regrading that ask your provider to increase and make sure that it is mounted in same place

perhaps mr @wahyu_septiawan26 want to use cyberpanel on his own bare server…

@shoaibkk is that probably better to use RAID ?

Yes, that’s right sir, I have my own server with 15TB of storage capacity and I want to add 20TB of new storage on the same server or device

i don’t use lord provider. I have my own device