Add new Litespeed lincese

Hello friends,

I had problem with the litespeed lincese and my website is down. I want to ask if i add new lincese will my website run again?
I bought the lincese from Cyberpanel and got the key but i want to know if i add this key will the data on my website be removed? I don’t want to lose the data on my website i really worked hard on it
Will this key bring me the website back?

Thank you very much

You can add new license from license manager, your data wont be removed.

Thank you for answering.

I click on Server status >> LiteSpeed Status
And then Refresh License. After that, a message pops up in the corner saying that the license has been successfully refreshed, but the problem and the warning are still here and still can’t acsess the Dashboard.

I purchase the free starter linces from here >> CyberPanel Enterprise Pricing - CyberPanel

Will this fix the problem if i add the now key without removing any data?

Sorry for asking too much i am little nervous