Add additional storage to CyberPanel DigitalOcean Droplet

I am planning to install the panel in Digital Ocean, and I have some questions.

  1. Can i attache volume as storage instead of in-built storage
  2. Can i attache space to store the backup files
  3. As I am a teacher, I was planning to provide the cyberpanel for students for free. Which articthutre will be fine to use
    4.Do you have plan for dedicate support

Welcome @pintraj Happy you are here

You can add additional space to the /home partition How to Resize LVM Partition in Linux

You should create users and give them capabilities accordingly see 1 - Managing Users and they can log in separately and manage their own websites, emails etc

Go to and purchase a personal plan for 1 server

josephgodwinke. Thanks for your response. Can you explain a bit more

  1. how to keep back to digitalocean space
  2. how can i check that my volume has attached and newly created account should be stored in that volume

First have a clean install of Ubuntu 20.04 or AlmaLinux 8.3 - 8.5

Follow conversation here to add additional storage Cyberpanel not recognizing additional drive - #2 by josephgodwinke

Start there first - you will have an additional storage attached to /home partition where we will store our websites etc

Hi I have mounted and additionl storage to home, since the my domain was showing 404 not found

Is it a wordpress or php website ? Check rewrite rules and adjust accordingly

Thanks for your quick help it works. One final query I was unable to find the option to strore digitalocean space as backup option how can implement it

Look at this 1 - Backup/Restore

i have created the packages and I want to provide access to the user based on packages, but while creating user it was not asking me to select the package

Well that would be impossible check again 2 - Creating Website - Docs - CyberPanel Community

There is some confusion in my question. Let me clarify this.
Let us assume that I am running a hosting company where I will provide hosting to the users based on packages.
The question is how can i provide the access to user for limited package (disk,bandwithd,database etc…)

When I was trying to login to cyber panel it was showing insecure how can I fix it

Kindly look through the forum before asking questions. There might be answers for them already - 1 - Issuing SSL for website

Sorry for the many questions. will end up the discussion with one last question. As in cPanel, we used to assign a package to the user and restrict access based on the package. But in cyberpanle how it can be possible.
I have created a user and the how can assign the package to the user
Meanwhile thanks a ton for your response

A package is assigned to a website not a user. You restrict user permissions using cyberpanel’s inbuilt ACL (Access Control List)