Access cyberpanel dashboard from every website I create

I have multiple website/domain, and I add them in cyberpanel, I issue hostname ssl to only one single website not all, for others I issue normal ssl from manage ssl. But for some reason I am able to access dashboard of cyberpanel from each and every website I just need to add 8090 port after domain name, even I delete a website still I am able to access dashboard form that deleted website by just adding 8090 port number in the end of domain, I want to access dashboard from only 1 website not each and every site. But I don’t know how to do that how to set a single website as host site and deny other websites to access cyberpanel dashboard.
Note: I also try to create other user( not admin) and create website in that user still I am able to access dashboard form that website (even I didn’t issue any ssl)
Please help someone.