A topic with all the useful commands and scripts to speed up your work with CyberPanel

I’m very happy to migrate once and for all from the traditional panel to CyberPanel, I’m missing a topic that contains all the useful scripts and commands.

For example, I need to create several sites, since I’m migrating, from the panel it’s still not an optimized experience, it would be nice if we could list all the domains we want to create.

This is possible via Terminal, right?

How can we do this and other things?

Would anyone like to help me create a script and command aggregator for CyberPanel?

thx! :smiley:

I think I found a very complete topic! Thanks @usmannasir :smiley:

What is missing for me is how to Install the Sites + WordPress + Allow Backup in Google Drive on each site with a command line, is this possible?