A lot of problems

Hi, i use OpenLiteSpeed from years now for dev & prod.
This is a great server.
It’s been 1 years now that i’ve installed and configure a dev server with CyberPanel on my dedicated server… And there’is a lot of things that doesn’t work or that i don’t understand.

So, let’s make a list of observations :

  • Creation of ssl certificate with let’s encrypt is working but it need to follow some steps before it work as expected… lot of comments and subjects here, no need to develop.

  • I don’t understand why i need to create a website instead of subdomain in certain case ( like when we just need a subdomain “cyberpanel.mysite.com

  • I’ve NEVER create an ftp account that success on login. “Credential fails” systematically.

  • Backup use sftp, my provider ftp, unusable.

  • Backup on google drive just don’t work at all. I can setup, but nothing append, it never start and there’s no way to start it manually.

  • Git manager, mmm… not sure to understand in what it’s a good thing cause you can only schedule push to github and i’ve break all my site trying to commit push directly on the repo of my site in cyberpanel.

You’re welcome to comment and help if you have solutions or observations.

Thanks anyway to the dev team to distribute it as OpenSource, there is a lot of good things in OpenLiteSpeed and CyberPanel.