A few requests

Hi everyone,
First, congrats to the CyberPanel team because this is the best panel I have ever seen, however, I see some flaws that it would be nice to have them sort.

  1. Change files permissions on File Manager. Fix permissions feature is fantastic as when there are issues it automatically changes to the right ones, however, sometimes you want an specific file or folder to be set to certain permission, having to connect to SSH to do this “boring” (end-users will directly not able to do it)
  2. Remove local backups once they have been uploaded to remove destination. The whole reason behind remote backups besides more security is having more free space, saving remote backups on server’s too is a bit of non-sense.
  3. “Force backups run” (or instance: run backups now) and “edit backup cron” on panel’s interface
  4. When disk limit of certain account is set “0” (unlimited) on the " Resource Usage" it says the user has used "0 MB out of 0MB which it is not true, it would be nice if users could know how much space they have used, also, it would be nice if instead of “0” it said “unlimited”.
  5. Using PHPMyAdmin as user and not per-database (user+pass), so everytime an user logins to Cyberpanel and goes to PhpMyAdmin it will be automatically logged in and all databases by that user will show up there.
  6. Bring resellers back with a different method, instead of resellers being able to create users, resellers should be able to create sites under “websites > create website”, this feature would be more similar to cPanel’s, and being honest I found this more useful than being able to create users.

That’s all! Thanks for your attention, hopefully you find any of them useful! :smiley:

Thank you for the constructive feedback, I hope some of these can be implemented soon enough. :slight_smile: