6GB of 20GB on Server Running only CyberPanel Used Already

VPS only has CyberPanel installed and a website having 190MB size of total files and DB … But the server is showing 6GB used already … Please how come ???

Please show me the results of

du -s -h /*

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I’ve spent 2 hours now trying to get SSH to connect through PUTTY but i get Fatal Error: Connection timed out … I tried rebooting server and others, still nothing has worked

Who is your VPS provider? If you can’t connect using SSH then maybe they have a VNC connection that you can use.

Hostinger … What does resetting SSH do ?? CyberPanel is not on 8090 port, problem ??

There is no issue if you have changed the default cyberpanel port 8090. Are you able to access cyberpanel with your new port?

Have you by any chance tried to connect to cyberpanel cloud and ran the mysql optimizations there? If so then the log bin binary maybe enabled for your mysql which maybe generating and consuming the storage. (just check this part too)

It turned out to be Firewall issue … Then i encountered another problem that made me to take down the server (although i wanted to) … I changed SSH port to 8090 (because CyberPanel was using another) and CyberPanel was completely inaccessible, CyberPanel could not longer work immediately i changed SSH port from 22 to 8090 … In my assumption, i thought 8090 was free …

You are messing up a lot thing bro. What is your original issue? As per the topic posted, it was something related to storage consumption and all of sudden your focus was on the port number change. I am confused here.

Sorry, when i was asked to show the results of ( du -s -h /* ) … I could not login SSH

from your vps panel
do you have virtual console? you can use it

So what is the current situation? Are you able to login to SSH?
If not, then try Virtual console provided by your hosting company. That way you can connect to your server temporarily and fix things up.