503 error everytime!

I have Ubuntu LTS.

Every 2 hours or don’t know when I get this error!

Also, my /tmp/ folder full of “ses_” something tmp files.

Is there any way to prevent 503 every time? I need to restart the server like:
systemctl restart lsws/lscpd.

Please help.

Does anyone have any solution?

4 solutions

1.Use a cronjob to clear /tmp periodically
2.Find out if you are using any other PHP executable other than the lsphp of the version used on site ( usually happens when you add crons with /
3.Find out why your PHP application is creating so many sessions
4. Ask you provider to increase inode limit for /tmp on your VM

Can you please explain more how to do that?

increase /tmp

service lsws stop
service mariadb stop
/var/tmp && umount /tmp
rm /usr/.tempdisk
dd if=/dev/zero of=/usr/.tempdisk bs=1M count=10240
mkfs.ext4 /usr/.tempdisk

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