500 internal server error when trying to upload a wordpress plugin more than 1Mb size

Ubuntu 20.04
Current Version: 2.3
Build: 4
Current Commit: a47d41a3741c46a4130d81f0db7adf176c198840
Latest Version: 2.3
Latest Build: 4
Latest Commit: a47d41a3741c46a4130d81f0db7adf176c198840

After fresh install of CyberPanel and wordpress,
I have increase file size in PHP as well.
I am trying to upload plugin larger than 1mb and receive error 500, if I upload tiny plugins its working fine.

The only work around so far working for me is uploading plugin through file manager and then activate it through wordpress dashboard.

Check error logs from the server, also enable debugging in wordpress and check the debug logs.
This should point you in the right direction.