404 wp errors

I installed cyberpanel and bought all the plugins. Two things that is very weird I do not like is this.

  1. I keep getting 404 errors. So I delete the htaccess file and the 404 go away. Then I get a call that the site is not working again and once I log into the file manager somehow the htaccess is back again??? How??

  2. When deploying a Wordpress site it creates a user name autologin with an email address to the site of the maker of the script. Then all the plugins, pages, post, act are placed under that user. This is a huge security issue to me.

Regarding the 404, have you tried:

Going to file manager → fix permissions button

and at command line:

systemctl restart lsws

That’s because openlitespeed does a graceful restart every 3 minutes, so it doesn’t update the htaccess rules in real time

So I would have to do this everytiime I get 404 errors everyday?