404 Not Found when adding a new user and website for that user

When creating a new user and then adding a website for that user, when visiting the newly added website, sometimes it displays a 404 not found error, sometimes showing "CyberPanel Installed.
You have successfully installed CyberPanel, please remove this page and upload your website. :slight_smile: "

This is the web link I just added: http://haloenglish.edu.vn/

When you visit, you try Ctr + F5 a few times, you will sometimes see 404 error.

Someone show me how to fix it, thanks!

https or http have the same error.
I have upgraded to the latest cyberpanel following the instructions here:

I fixed this error, I tried using the command
pip install requests urllib3 pyOpenSSL --upgrade

Then proceed to upgrade urllib3 to the latest.
Then upgrade Cyberpanel, and then reboot the server.
Everything looks good.

Thank. I have the same issue