403 frobbiden problem

I’m having 403 frobbiden problem, I just set up the server, I wanted to activate the site, but when I try to enter the site, it says 403 frobbiden, it doesn’t appear on the wordpress installation screen.

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This can be either of two issues.

  1. Permissions issue. Go to Websites → List Websites → mycoolsite.tk → File Manager → Fix Permissions
  2. Rewrite rules. Go to Websites → List Websites → mycoolsite.tk → Rewrite Rules and clear all the rules and try again. If the issue goes away set correct rewrite rules for your website.

Even though I edited the permissions, I used a different browser, still the problem did not go away.

Can you try delete website and create it again

deleting the site did not work
After installing the software in php 8.1, the problem was fixed.

change site php to 74 and try